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Are you a creative mind who excels at crafting dynamic Coda docs? Are your templates game-changers in productivity and business processes? We invite you to step into the spotlight and share your expertise with professionals worldwide through the tools4coda Marketplace.


Reach a wide audience of professionals looking for productivity and business doc templates.

Earn Income

Make money by offering your templates for sale.

Zero Hassle

tools4coda handles payment processing, hosting, and marketing.

How it works

Embark on a straightforward and rewarding journey as a seller on the tools4coda Marketplace. Our process is designed to make your experience seamless and gratifying, from sharing your creative templates to witnessing their transformation into valuable assets for users worldwide.

Apply as a Seller

Ready to embark on your journey as a tools4coda Marketplace creator? In this step, share your name, contact details, social profiles, website, and a link to the outstanding template you're excited to offer. Your application marks the first stride towards joining a community of innovative minds, passionate about shaping the future of Coda templates.

Review Process

Once you've submitted your exceptional template, our team of experts steps in. We carefully review your creation, ensuring it meets our quality standards and aligns seamlessly with the themes of the tools4coda Marketplace. This meticulous process guarantees that every template on our platform is a true masterpiece, poised to inspire and empower users across the globe. Your innovation is in capable hands.

Listing Creation

Collaboration takes center stage as we join forces to showcase your template's brilliance. Our team works closely with you to craft an engaging listing page that highlights the unique features and benefits of your creation. Through compelling descriptions, captivating images, and a well-defined pricing strategy, we'll ensure your template stands out and captures the attention it deserves. Let's create a listing that sparks curiosity and enthusiasm among potential users.


With your template now live on the tools4coda Marketplace, it's time to witness the impact of your innovation. As users discover and embrace your creation, you'll not only inspire change but also earn for every successful sale. Your hard work and creativity are about to yield tangible rewards, making this journey a truly fulfilling one. Let your templates thrive, and let your efforts be recognized in every sale.

Commission Structure

At tools4coda, we believe in rewarding creators for their dedication and innovation. Our commission structure is designed to ensure fairness and transparency, allowing you to earn while contributing to our vibrant community. Here's how it works:

Commission Percentage

As a seller, you will earn a competitive commission on every successful template sale. Our commission percentage is 30% of the total template sale price. This means you get $70 on every $100 template sale.


The commission is calculated based on the final sale price after deducting any applicable taxes and fees.


Your earnings will accumulate over time as users discover and purchase your template.

Payment Schedule

Payouts are processed monthly and will be transferred to your preferred payment method.

Transparent Reporting

You’ll have access to detailed reports that outline the number of sales, earnings, and any applicable deductions.

By offering an attractive commission structure, we aim to motivate and empower creators like you to continue crafting exceptional templates that make a difference in the lives of our users. Your success is our success, and we're excited to see your earnings grow as your templates find their place in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of templates are suitable for the tools4coda Marketplace?

    We welcome a wide range of templates, from productivity tools to business process enhancers. Templates could include project management solutions, budget trackers, CRM systems, and more. Just ensure they align with our quality guidelines.

  • Can I sell templates that are available elsewhere?

    Yes, you can sell templates that are available on other platforms as long as you have the rights to do so. We do encourage unique offerings to stand out in our marketplace.

  • Is there a cost to become a seller?

    There’s no upfront cost to become a seller on our platform. You only pay a commission on successful sales.

  • Can I set the price for my templates?

    Yes, you have control over the pricing of your templates. However, we recommend competitive pricing that reflects the value your templates provide.

  • Do I need to be exclusive to tools4coda?

    No, you are not required to be exclusive. You can sell your templates on other platforms as well.

  • How are payments processed?

    Payments from template sales are processed securely through our platform. Earnings are transferred according to our payment schedule, minus any applicable taxes and fees.

  • What support do you offer to sellers?

    We offer support throughout the process, from template submission to listing creation. Our team is available for assistance, guidance, and technical support.

  • Can I update my templates after they're listed?

    Yes, you can update your templates to improve or add features. Users who have purchased your template can then copy the updated version.

  • How do I track my sales and earnings?

    Right now, just shoot us an email, and we will tell you what you want to know. Soon you will be able to track sales and earnings through our seller dashboard.

  • What happens if my template doesn't meet quality standards?

    If your template doesn’t meet our guidelines, our team will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. You can resubmit once the necessary adjustments are made.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact our support team at We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Apply Now

Ready to join the tools4coda Marketplace as a seller? Your journey to inspire change and earn rewards starts here. This is your opportunity to be part of a dynamic community, share your innovations, and showcase your talent to a global audience. Let's shape the future of Coda templates together. Apply now and embark on a transformative partnership.

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